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Land Clearing in Polk County

26 Jun

Here are some pics from a recent job done in Polk County.  Pad site prep, home site prep, whatever your land clearing needs contact us.  Don’t let the elk fool you, it’s Texas.



Bull: “Hello ladies, you must not be from around here?”


Tree Removal

12 Jun

Recent storms took their toll on some large trees in Polk County.  We were there to lend a hand and help out.IMG_5198 IMG_5199


Pond clean out in progress on Morgan Creek Ranch

24 Dec

Pictures taken from the 4 ponds we are working on.

Ponds: Built on your property to last.

22 Aug

Thomas Pond with Island in Middle

Stock tanks, ponds, and small lakes for recreation add value to your property for years to come.  Over 33 years of experience in building ponds gives us the knowledge of soil type and expertise that are critical to give the land owner the look and water retention that will last and last.

Avoid taking short cuts when digging a pond.  Ponds require planning and experience.  Many times the least expensive route will cost you more in the long run.  Do it right the first time.  We have spent a career fixing ponds that were dug by non-professionals, and have countless stories of leaky dams, and poorly built ponds.  Contact George Harrell to discuss your pond ideas and needs.

George Harrell: 936-239-1000

Road building

22 Aug

A new road being built to get to a tract of land to harvest the timber for J&J Cattle CO.

Stump Grinding Services

8 Jan

Brush clearing, land clean up, and stump grinding available from Harrell Heavy Industries.  From large to small jobs we have the experience and equipment to get your job done.  Contact: 933-239-1000 or HarrellIndustries@gmail.com.

East Texas Ponds

8 Jan

Ponds and lakes have many uses in East Texas.  Land owners have them built to store water for wildlife, cattle, horses, and other animals.  They are built largely to utilize property that otherwise would be unusable for pasture or growing timber.  They are also built to beautify property and add value to property to be sold.